“This is not just yet another communication exercize. This is a quality-oriented and in-depth analysis of the fundamentals that underpin the strategy of CAC 40 groups. And it includes a profile of each of their leaders.

Halfway between benchmark and economic intelligence, this survey gives the perspective of journalists and has become a key biennial document for the assessment and monitoring of Europe’s biggest companies.”
Vincent de La Vaissière

The most comprehensive, accurate and clinical
of all the CAC 40 companies.

700 pages full of details,
about the major companies :
the report is more than a must-read,
it’s a bible.

Clear and direct language
from the journalists who were interviewed anonymously,
with no compromize.

180 French and foreign
journalists interviewed
face to face.

270 hours of interviews,
six-month marathon survey.

All business internal stakeholders thoroughly


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