Be able to last and endure beyond crisis

Since the Covid-19 crisis, CAC 40 companies have been hit right in the core of their economic, geographical, energy and logistics systems. Three conditions must be met within this new framework.

1) Know how to manage all crises – this implies quite a few rare qualities:

  • Be a plumber – i.e., Polytechnic graduate crisis specialists who have unfortunately become as polymorphous as they are synchronous
  • Get your hands dirty – crises were never solved from the top of an ivory tower
  • Develop your sector and take ultimate care of your subcontractors, just like AIRBUS and unlike STELLANTIS
  • Never waste a crisis – if you are going to come out of a crisis stronger, you must use it to review habits and adopt change or “make a difference” like VEOLIA

2) Play the “made in France” card.

Sovereignty is back with a vengeance: because of China and Russia, but also because of France and its de-industrialization.

“Made in France” because re-industrialization means less anger.

French roots and the regional industrial and cultural footprint: HERMÈS and LVMH have opened factories and tanneries. And RENAULT launched E-tech to save Douai and Maubeuge.

3) Have long-lasting intelligence for a wide-lens vision.

Now is the right time for those who know how to steer public debate: successful engineer-bosses who are embracing the future:

  • BAZIN, SAINT-GOBAIN and sustainable construction
  • FAURY, AIRBUS and sustainable aircraft
  • POUPART-LAFARGE, ALSTOM and sustainable mobility

Now is the right time for family-owned dynasties (ARNAULT, BETTENCOURT, BOUYGUES, DUMAS, MICHELIN, PINAULT, RICARD, etc.) who know how to adopt a long-lasting approach:

  • The top three market capitalizations in Paris (LVMH, L’ORÉAL and HERMÈS)

Succession know-how has been transformed into skillful transmission


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